Area of Greatest Need

Area of Greatest Need

Gifts to the Annual Fund allow us to allocate support to the areas that are of most urgent need. This means we can react quickly to changing circumstances and is particularly valuable at a time when our budgets are hard-pressed.

With your support, we are able to extend financial support to students, continue the unique Oxford tutorial system and enhance Lincoln life on the playing field, the stage, in the common rooms, and out and about in Oxford. 

Every gift, regardless of size, makes a great difference by enabling us to support the small needs that make up day-to-day life at the College. Together, we can ensure that, no matter how strong the outside pressures, Lincoln life is always rich and vibrant. Please consider making a gift today.

What your gift can achieve*:

£5 per month from 5 people can fund a Blues award to a student athlete

£14.27 per month from 4 donors can help the Chapel Choir fund their annual tour

£23 per month from 20 donors could fund a new oven for the Kitchen

£1,333 per year could fund a one-year graduate scholarship

*including Gift Aid


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