Rector's Message


It is now almost half a century since Lincoln began its first fundraising campaign for the conversion of All Saints Church into the College’s Library. Other campaigns followed: for the High Street and Bear Lane, for Museum Road, for fellowships and for student support. More recently, Living Lincoln (2007–14) did much for the endowment of posts and saw the creation of the new Garden Building and the redevelopment of the Berrow Foundation Building on the main site.

The aim of the new Campaign is to prepare the way for the celebration of the College’s 600th anniversary in 2027. With the generous support of its alumni and of institutional donors, Lincoln has achieved an enormous amount in the last fifty or so years. We have done much to increase our endowment, to manage our operations efficiently, to support our undergraduate and graduate students, and, by endowing fellowships, to make sure that the tutorial system, is maintained and enhanced. Tutorials remain at the heart of our undergraduate teaching; they are an extremely effective way of educating students, but they are expensive. We need to make sure that future generations of undergraduates benefit from them and that they are properly supported financially so that they can enjoy living in Oxford and taking part in the College’s and the University’s academic and non-academic activities. Graduate courses, especially at Masters level, are nowadays expensive and, in many cases, poorly funded externally; we need to make sure that Lincoln can continue to attract and support the best graduate students irrespective of their own financial background.

As well as increasing the number of the College’s buildings, we have been able to develop and to improve them: the next few years will see a huge programme of works on the Mitre and on the front of the NatWest Building. All of the College’s sites are of enormous importance to its long-term future, and so are their contents. The Lincoln Unlocked programme will help make our collections – books, manuscripts, archives, pictures, silver, gardens, and so on – more accessible to all our members, as well as to the general public. 

Our new Campaign is intended to build on this successful record of philanthropic generosity, to make sure that all of the College’s current and historic areas that have needed support have received it, so that the celebrations for Lincoln’s 600th centenary can concentrate on what we do best: providing excellent teaching, producing excellent research, and ensuring that the College’s life as a community continues to flourish.





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