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‘The Mitre’ – a name that resonates with generations of Lincoln alumni.

The buildings we call ‘the Mitre’,  together with Staircase 16, form part of an historic development belonging to Lincoln, at the heart of which is the Mitre Inn. Elements of the buildings, notably a ribbed vault, date back to the 13th century.  The majority of rooms which are used for student accommodation are from a later period, but a good number of these are in 17th and 18th century parts of the building.

While the Mitre has belonged to the College for centuries, it was first used as student accommodation in the late 1960s. The rabbit warren layout and uneven floor levels are familiar to many generations of Lincoln undergraduates, as it has most commonly been used to house 2nd years since then.

The Mitre rooms were badly in need of updating, and in the summer of 2018 the College began a major redevelopment of the site. The project is incredibly costly as the buildings are listed as Grade II* or Grade II. The College was able to take advantage of low interest rates and secured a £10 Million loan to undertake the renovations and work began in 2018. There will be no increase in rental income from students following completion of the project so our ability to use debt financing is limited. The total cost of the work will be roughly £16 Million so we are hoping to raise funds through room naming opportunities to help bridge the gap.

Rooms may be named for yourself, your family or in honour/memory of someone. The first commitments received will earn the first naming rights. Below, please find the current opportunities. Please contact the Development Office ( or 10865 616843) if you would like to support a space.

Naming Opportunities


Mitre Patron (name included on a plaque in the Mitre Courtyard)


Rooms with a hall bathroom (13)


En-suite bedrooms (48)



Premium rooms (6 – including two accessible rooms)


Fellow’s Tutorial Room


Seminar Rooms (2)



Fellows’ Flats (2)


Reading Room







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