To work in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, the very building that hosted the research that ushered in the antibiotic era of medicine, laid the foundation for understanding the role of lymphocytes in immune responses, contributed a key clotting factor for the treatment of patients genetically lacking the protein, and transformed our understanding of tissue transplantation, is at once an enormous privilege and a rather daunting prospect. But the strength of the association between the Dunn School and Lincoln College means that its Fellows enjoy the very best of mutual support in their research, which is still characterised by an energetic application of state-of-the art research methods to fundamental biological questions with deep clinical significance for human health.

Professor David Vaux, Sub-Rector, Nuffield Research Fellow in Pathology and Tutorial Fellow in Medicine

Lincoln teaches a relatively small number of subjects in order to provide strength in depth to our students and to ensure that our Fellows can continue to pursue their own research. In most cases this means that we have two full-time, tenured Fellows per subject, and one career development Fellow

Medicine is a great strength at Lincoln, and considerably enhanced by our shared history with the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology. The College is associated with the Chair in Pathology, and thanks to the generosity of the EPA Research Fund, to several other Chairs based in the Dunn School. On the teaching front, we have two Tutorial Fellows in Medicine, Professor David Vaux and Professor Nigel Emptage, both of whose positions are partially supported by a historic endowment from the Nuffield benefaction.

Successes: We have recently established four Junior Research Fellowships in the Biomedical Sciences, each of which holds the Fellowship coterminously with a research post in one of the medical departments. These have been generously funded by George and Susan Brownlee, BTG plc, and two private donors.

Opportunities: Further JRFs, particularly in areas where they can benefit from the strength of our existing Fellowship, such as pharmacology and medical engineering.


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