The beauty of Mathematics is that it allows us to make models of the world that range from concrete, everyday phenomena to abstract objects. The remarkable thing is that both the concrete and the abstract branches are able to complement each other and, as a result, have a massive impact on our lives, every time we buy something online or fly in a plane.

Professor Dominic Vella, Tutorial Fellow in Applied Mathematics

Thank you to the following donors who have supported the teaching of Maths at Lincoln: Peter Griffiths '61, Anna Griffiths '84, Charles Argyle '87

Richard Webb '83, Richard Williams '86, Mohit Dalwadi '06, Brian Wright '89, Gary Meehan '92, Peter Varley '67

Judi Havelock '88, Christopher Leonard '10, Alister Whitford '95, David Cooper '67, Xiaofei Zhou '09, Duncan Ross '72

Peter Bell '92, Aditya Sharad '16

Lincoln teaches a relatively small number of subjects in order to provide strength in depth to our students and to ensure that our Fellows can continue to pursue their own research. In most cases this means that we have two full-time, tenured Fellows per subject, and one career development Fellow

Maths is one of the few subjects at Lincoln with no specific endowments at all. This presents a challenge at a time when government support for the subject, and in particular pure mathematics, is much reduced. The College supports maths strongly, with two Tutorial Fellows (Professor Dominic Vella and Professor Qi’an Wang), one long-term Stipendiary Lecturer (Dr Ursel Kiehne) and a Darby Fellow (Dr Matthew Moore).

Challenges: At present, we have no specific endowments in maths, which remains one of our larger subjects. We are urgently seeking to endow our Fellowship in pure mathematics, which is the most vulnerable area. Full endowment in perpetuity would cost £1.5m; there is also the opportunity to provide annual support for a minimum of five years for our Career Development Fellow. Currently, one of our alumni is matching all gifts made to the Maths Fellowship. Please click here to have your gift doubled. 

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