Engineering Science

The future of innovative design in many fields hitherto thought of as 'mechanical' lies in the careful application of integrated mechanical, optical and electrical technologies. These changes have already taken hold in information and automotive fields, and will in aerospace and other industries. The Oxford Engineering course, with its balanced approach to the applied sciences and technology, and insistence on mastering the fundamentals, puts its graduates in a strong position to make major advances, beyond incremental or aesthetic changes.

Professor David Hills, Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Engineering Science

Engineering is taught by two Tutorial Fellows (currently Professor David Hills and Professor Paul Stavrinou), supported by a Stipendiary Lecturer. None of these posts is endowed, which leaves the subject somewhat vulnerable in the event of retirements or resignations.

Challenges: At present, we have no specific endowments in engineering science so are seeking funds to endow a post to secure the teaching of Engineering at Lincoln in the future. It costs roughly £1.5m to endow a post in perpetuity.

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