Chemistry is the central science; tremendously important in its own right, but also providing exciting overlap with physics, biology and materials. Our students develop a correspondingly broad, but deep knowledge of their subject, and over recent years have excelled academically.

Professor Michael Willis, GlaxoSmithKline Fellow, Tutor in Chemistry

Lincoln teaches a relatively small number of subjects in order to provide strength in depth to our students and to ensure that our Fellows can continue to pursue their own research. In most cases this means that we have two full-time, tenured Fellows per subject, and one career development Fellow.

Chemistry at Lincoln has a proud heritage, with former Fellows including Sedgwick, Rex Richards, and Peter Atkins. At present, there are two Tutorial Fellows – Michael Willis and Roel Dullens – and a Stipendiary Lecturer. One of the Fellowships is endowed (the GlaxoSmithKline Fellowship).

Challenges: We are seeking funds to complete the Rex Richards Fund in Chemistry, which supports our stipendiary lecturer in inorganic chemistry. A further £300,000 is required at present to complete this fund.

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