Biochemistry is a small but tightly interconnected subject within the larger life-sciences community of Lincoln College. Our primary aim is academic excellence and firing up the student’s scientific curiosity, but at the same time emphasise quantitative and transferable skills. As a result, Biochemists continue on a wide variety of paths from post-graduate research degrees to medicine, law, finance or consulting.

Dr John Vakonakis, Tutorial Fellow in Biochemistry

Lincoln teaches a relatively small number of subjects in order to provide strength in depth to our students and to ensure that our Fellows can continue to pursue their own research. In most cases this means that we have two full-time, tenured Fellows per subject, and one career development Fellow.

Biochemistry is one of the smaller schools at Lincoln, with one Fellow, Professor John Vakanakis. It recruits two students per year. We have had trouble in maintaining this subject in the past, and would like to see it secured by endowing the current post and adding a career-development position.

Challenges:  Biochemistry is a small subject, but connects with other subjects taught at Lincoln, such as medicine and chemistry. We are seeking funds to endow a post to secure the teaching of Biochemistry at Lincoln in the future. It costs roughly £1.5m to endow the post in perpetuity. Click here if you would like further information regarding the teaching of Biochemistry at Lincoln. Please contact the Development Office if you would like information on funding opportunities.


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