Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)

As PPE approaches its centenary in 2020, Lincoln’s talented, enthusiastic and committed group of PPE students remain at the heart of college life. PPE provides an extraordinary opportunity to learn about contemporary society, combining a broad multi-disciplinary foundation with the flexibility to study one or more of the three subjects in depth.

Professor Margaret Stevens, Senior Research Fellow in Economics

PPE is one of the most well-known Oxford degrees, and is one of the larger schools at Lincoln, taking up to ten undergraduates per year. However it faces a particular set of challenges, as it is taught across two University divisions. Lincoln aims to have a Tutorial Fellow in each subject, but at present only one of these (the Amelia Ogunlesi Fellowship in Economics) is endowed. In addition, we aim to provide a second, career-development Fellow, in each of the three subjects to ensure a broader and more flexible coverage.

Challenges: To endow the Fellowships in Politics and Philosophy; to fund career development posts in Politics/International Relations, Philosophy and Economics. Please contact the Development Office if you would like further information on funding opportunities.

Successes: Five year funding for Gonticas Fellowship in International Relations secured and David Goldey Scholarship created to support a graduate student in Politics.

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