Law is the bedrock of politics, economics, and international relations. In Britain in particular, the common law is intimately connected with culture and society through the centuries, and has travelled to all English-speaking countries and beyond. Its influence will continue to be felt even after the UK has left the European Union. The teaching of law has a long and distinguished history at Lincoln. The College has excellent connections with the profession. Our small intake of seven undergraduate students each year allows us to devote individual attention to each. As a result, our students’ exam success ranks persistently among the top group of Oxford colleges.

Prof. Stefan Enchelmaier, Fellow and Tutor in Law

Lincoln teaches a relatively small number of subjects in order to provide strength in depth to our students and to ensure that our Fellows can continue to pursue their own research. In most cases this means that we have two full-time, tenured Fellows per subject, and one career development Fellow.

Law has an eminent tradition at Lincoln, and former Fellows include Harold Hanbury, in whose name one of the current Fellowships is endowed. The provision includes two Tutorial Fellows, Professor Simon Gardner (Land Law and Trusts) and Professor Stefan Enchelmaier (Company Law and EU Law), and a career-development Fellow, Dr Barbara Havelkova, whose post is supported by the Shaw Foundation.

Challenges: We are seeking funds to endow a Fellowship in Law in honour of Simon Gardner’s retirement. We have set a target of £2m to endow this post in perpetuity. This sum is invested alongside our other endowment funds, which have averaged a rate of return in excess of 10% p.a. over the last ten years. The College draws down a sustainable percentage of the capital value each year to support the salary costs of the post-holder. 

How you can help:  We realize this is a great deal of money to raise, particularly for a college like Lincoln with a relatively modest alumni base. All gifts, regardless of size, are gratefully received and will make a great difference when invested in our endowment. If you are making your gift from the UK you can make it go further by claiming Gift Aid. Alumni and friends making a gift of at least £10,000 over 3 years (including Gift Aid) will be asked to join the Law Fellowship Club. Please contact the Development Office for further information.


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