Modern Languages

Learning a language means discovering a whole new world. We increasingly feel that our globalised life knows no limits but often we end up merely living side by side, rather than understanding how others really think. Our advantage at Oxford is that we are not limited to the mechanics of learning a language but are able to immerse ourselves fully in its literature and culture. Approaching a language this way teaches us completely new ways of thinking, be that through analysing grammatical components or translating words that have no equivalent in English and vice versa or discussing differences and similarities across many periods of history by studying novels, plays and poetry.

Dr Daniela Omlor, Tutorial Fellow in Spanish

In the case of Modern Languages, Lincoln accepts undergraduates to read French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. The College recently recruited a Spanish Fellow to add to its provision, which means that we now have two Tutorial Fellows (French and Spanish), and a DAAD-Montgomery Fellow in German, supported by several stipendiary lecturers. The French Fellowship is partially endowed through the ELF Corporation, based on costs which were established when the post was shared with another college; now additional support is sought for this – a further £850,000 is required to complete the endowment. We would also like to secure funding for our Spanish Fellowship.

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Funding Progress

DAAD-Montgomery Fellowship in German

ELF Corporation Fellowship in French

Still To Fund - Tutorial Fellowship in Spanish

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