Strategic Plan, 2017-2022
Lincoln College Strategic Plan, 2017-2022

Lincoln College Strategic Plan, 2017-2022

Everything the College does is determined by its charitable objects, which are set down in the Statutes and registered with the Charity Commission. The College’s charitable objects are:


  1. The advancement of education, study, and research in particular through the provision, support and maintenance of a college in Oxford


  1. The advancement of religion including the provision and support of a chapel in accordance with the principles of the Church of England

 A. Teaching and learning

We shall advance education, study, and research by:

  • Competing locally, nationally, and internationally for the best students
  • Having about 600 students, equally divided between undergraduates and graduates
  • Committing itself to providing the best possible education for our students through the undergraduate tutorial system and the role of graduate advisors
  • Committing itself to widening participation and to increasing access
  • Monitoring and developing our welfare provision for students
  • Continuing to recruit and seeking to retain the best teachers and researchers as Fellows

We shall advance education, study, and research by:

  • *Developing our access and outreach work in Lincolnshire, Somerset and the North East
  • *Monitoring equality and diversity in admissions and in extending our outreach strategy
  • *Reviewing our policies and practices relating to academic discipline
  • *Raising funds for graduate students, especially in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • *Reviewing our provision of graduate accommodation


B. College finance and management

We shall ensure the College is run in the most efficient and effective way by:

  • *Rewarding our staff in line with the University’s cost of living adjustments and, where appropriate, the recommendations of the Living Wage Foundation
  • *Reviewing the management, processing and security of our data
  • *Agreeing a five-year plan for the College’s budget

We shall seek to increase the College’s endowment by

  • *Managing our investment properties, and implementing our investment strategy with the intention, by 2022, of growing the College’s endowment by 25%; this should allow the current pattern of spending on established commitments to be maintained
  • *Seeking further improvements: in the service and working conditions of administrative and domestic staff; in operating efficiencies; and in generating income from external sources
  • *Continuing our commitment to the 3% drawdown so that the lasting growth of the endowment can continue in real terms
  • *Using the Road to 2027 Campaign to increase engagement from old members and to pave the way for a new campaign that will take the College from 2022 to its 600th anniversary in 2027

We shall use the drawdown from the College’s endowment to:

  • Support our students, our Fellows, and staff, our buildings and their contents
  • Move towards our goal of ‘self-sufficiency’; that is, being able to finance all College fellowships, to support all our students according to their needs, to maintain our buildings, and to catalogue, conserve, and display our chattels
  • Make sure that our Fellows and staff are adequately remunerated


C. Buildings and maintenance

We shall ensure that:

  • all its buildings and grounds are in good condition, presented in the best possible state and used in the most effective ways
  • all long-standing issues with maintenance and appearance have been resolved

In particular, we shall:

  • *Initiate a five-year rolling plan for its maintenance
  • *Complete work on the Mitre and on the High Street part of the NatWest building
  • *Complete work on the restoration of the Chapel, the Beckington Room and the Hall


D. The University and the wider world

We shall play as full a part as possible in University’s life and work by:

  • Encouraging and supporting Fellows who take on positions in the University
  • Engaging more closely in the running of the Conference of Colleges
  • Developing strategic alliances with other colleges, especially the Turl Street colleges

We shall enhance our engagement with local, national, and international audiences by:

  • *Developing the Library and Archive through the Lincoln Unlocked programme
  • *The online cataloguing of the Senior Library and of the Archive
  • *Making as much as possible of our historic collections available online
  • *Initiating historical projects in relation to the College’s 600th anniversary

We shall renew the way in which College presents itself to the world by:

  • *Redesigning and bringing consistency to all our internal and external documents and signage
  • *Redesigning our website

 We shall seek to achieve all these aims by:

  • Prudent management of the College’s finances
  • Growing our endowment
  • Drawing on the advice and experience of our old members
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