Historic Spaces

Many thanks to our donors to the Kitchen Fund: Tom Daggett '08, Richard Hardie '67, Dan Perez '10...

Jane Jenkins '82, Lynn Shepherd '82, Fern Lai '12, Alexandra Kennedy '15, Julie Baleriaux '12

Christopher Leonard '10, Robert Rawles '61, Lady Emma Barnard '82, Oliver Munn '04

Johanna Lim '00, Rachel Wood '04, Benjamin Charlton '03, Oscar Eriksson '06, David Badenoch '68

Sophie Shawdon '10, Luc Henry '08, Sandy Arbuthnott '99, Hanna Wilberg '00, Craig Mullaney '00

Denis Trifonov '01, James Analytis '01, Alex Chen '12, Tao Ruan '10, Natasha Phiri '09

Michael Krause '11, Alistair Fyfe '12, Linxin Li '10, Tristan Parker '14, Ellie Rendle '10

Sabine Jaccaud '91, Sylvy Anscombe '08

Historic Spaces

Lincoln’s historic quadrangles, our Library, and the treasures contained within, remain at the heart of the collegiate experience for all our members. In recent years the generosity of our members has enabled us to make careful additions to our site – such as the EPA Garden Building, and the Berrow Foundation Building, and to refurbish many student bedrooms and facilities.

We are proud to announce that two further major projects have been supported by the EPA Research Fund, providing rooms for graduate students at Little Clarendon Street, and apartments for academics new to Oxford in Alfred Street.

Some of our most historic spaces now require attention, including the Chapel, the Beckington Room, the Kitchen and the rooms formerly occupied by the legendary V. H.H. Green in Staircase 14. In addition, we are committed to improving access to our collections, and through our Lincoln Unlocked initiative, we offer a unique opportunity to support research and study within our Library and Archives


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