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It is now almost half a century since Lincoln began its first fundraising campaign for the conversion of All Saints Church into the College’s Library. Other campaigns followed: for the High Street and Bear Lane, for Museum Road, for fellowships and for student support.


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The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has established an annual graduate scholarship which provides one Cooke Scholar each year up to $85,000 to pursue a graduate degree at Lincoln.

"Over the years, Oxford has provided 19 of our scholars a first-rate education and the priceless experiences of living and studying abroad,” said Executive Director Harold O. Levy.

“We are delighted to embark upon a formal partnership with the University through Lincoln College, which I had the benefit of attending many years ago, and provide one of our most extraordinary scholars each year with an incredible opportunity.”

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation 

"While at Oxford I met my future wife Lisette. It’s obvious to both of us that the greatest gift a generation can make to those that will come after it is to help young minds reach their potential. How else will the values we cherish survive? Also, having chosen to live and work in the United States, we became very much aware of the American tradition of ‘giving back’ by financially supporting whatever schools one had been lucky enough to attend.

Some twenty-five years ago Lisette and I funded a small scholarship at Barnard College – part of Columbia University. Our daughter Dominique had attended Barnard and honoring her memory – she suffered from a life-threatening allergy – by helping educate the next generation through a scholarship seemed the obvious thing to do. So quite recently it occurred to us that doing the same thing for our Oxford Colleges (Somerville as well as Lincoln) was also the right thing to do."

Robert Henrey ’58 & Lisette Henrey

"I have been giving to Lincoln for many years, as a way to say thank you for the marvellous four years that I spent there reading Classics. That period of my life was so rich that I want to contribute, even in a small way, to giving other students the opportunity to study what they are passionate about. I strongly believe in learning for learnings sake, and not just to prepare for a well remunerated future job. Hence I have chosen to support the Humanities.

In return, I not only have the pleasure of helping students who would otherwise have financial difficulties to pursue their passion, I also really appreciate being invited as a member of the CAAH Fellowship Club to events in College, which give the opportunity to meet tutors and to feel, just for a moment, that I am still part of the Lincoln learning community."

Alison Hartley ‘80

"I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Biochemistry.  I started giving to Lincoln in 2013 when I received a call from a student who was part of the telethon team.  I had had friends who had been part of the team in previous years and was intrigued to know who I had been “paired” with as I had heard about the efforts the College went to so that students/alumni had some common interests. 

I had always felt that I would have to give large sums of money to make a difference but the call made me realise that even small monthly donations were valuable for the College.  It is only since I left Lincoln, and have spoken to the Development Office on a few occasions, that I have learned how important donations are to the College.  Over the years, I have started to increase the amount but it still isn’t a painful amount each month and I’m pleased that I am giving back to a college that allowed me to have such a brilliant four years in Oxford"

Anonymous donor

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